COP, Look, Listen: Issue 1

The first edition of COP, LOOK, LISTEN in 2023: a regular bulletin analysing the state of climate communications during COP28. Brought to you by Climate Action Against Disinformation, each bulletin is the product of hundreds of hours of work from some of the world’s leading experts in climate misinformation, climate policy and climate action. We hope you find it useful.

COP28 gets underway today – two weeks of negotiations involving an estimated 70,000 policymakers, journalists, civil society members and industry lobbyists. While we monitor the airwaves during this first crucial day, we proudly present some key findings from our latest report. “Deny, Deceive, Delay Vol. 3” is hot off the press from yesterday’s launch.

Plus, don’t download the COP28 app – see our security alert for more.

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