We are a global coalition of over 50 prominent climate and anti-disinformation organisations, calling for decisive, unified action against widespread climate misinformation and disinformation.

CAAD is dedicated to combatting climate mis/disinformation, uniting policy, research, and accountability initiatives to stimulate a meaningful global dialogue on effective climate solutions. We are steadfast in our commitment to breaking down one of the most significant obstacles to tackling climate change: the spread of deceptive and false narratives that undermine constructive discussions about our environment.

CAAD spearheads efforts in policy development, communication strategies, and research to hold Big Tech responsible for their part in facilitating the circulation of climate misinformation on their platforms. Moreover, CAAD actively collaborates with decision-makers at both national and international levels to foster political awareness of this critical issue and to reinforce accountability measures.

From exposing platforms’ failure to curb misinformation to establishing COP Intelligence Units to monitor the most harmful false narratives circulated during the annual global climate conference, CAAD tirelessly advocates for accountability. Our goal is to foster a transparent and honest dialogue on environmental matters, ultimately paving the way for substantial and impactful climate solutions.