COP, Look, Listen : Issue 10

We have a decision. For the first time in three decades of UN climate summits, the word ‘fossil fuels’ has made it into a COP outcome. The deal is still heavy with gaping loopholes, lacking climate finance and concrete timelines. The outsized influence of fossil fuels this year has undeniably had an impact, and you can see an analysis of the industry’s and OPEC disinformation strategy at the summit that we’ve put together here.

While we wait for further reactions, there’s one last finding we want to show you. TikTok has fast become one of the world’s most relevant platforms. It is a unique platform, used more than ever for regular news consumption and with over a third of its users aged between 18 and 24 worldwide.

The climate misinformation on TikTok is unique too. Before and during this year’s summit, we found such misinformation with views into the millions. This misinformation poses a growing threat to public understanding and discussions across a range of audiences.

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