Climate Action Against Disinformation

A global coalition of over 50 leading climate and anti-disinformation organisations

Who we are

A global coalition of 50+ leading climate and anti-disinformation organisations demanding robust, coordinated and proactive strategies to deal with the scale of the threat of climate misinformation and disinformation.

You can our full report into climate disinformation at COP27 and beyond here and find out more about the report here.

Climate change misinformation and disinformation are major threats to climate action. They create a distorted perception of climate science and solutions; meanwhile they weaken the public mandate for effective domestic and international policies aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

What is climate disinformation?

Open letter

Global action required now to tackle the threat of climate misinformation and disinformation.

Sign our open letter to the COP Presidency & UNFCCC, and the CEOs of Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest and Reddit.

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    over 50 leading climate and anti-disinformation organisations including the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Climate Disinformation Coalition (led by Friends of the Earth US and Environmental Defense Fund), Code For Africa, Center for Countering Digital Hate, Conscious Advertising Network, Check My Ads, ACT For Climate Truth, Stop Funding Heat, Purpose, Reset Australia.

    In the media

    For decades, the fossil fuel industry has poured millions of dollars into spreading climate disinformation online and offline to drive public polarization and stall action on the climate crisis.

    In an effort to reduce the amount of false and misleading claims about the climate emergency found on its site, Pinterest is rolling out a climate misinformation policy.

    If you are among the half of UK or US adults who get their news through social media, you might be under the impression that scientific consensus surrounding human-made climate change is still a matter of debate. You would be wrong.