CAAD Data Monitor Vol.3: PragerU’s Digital Empire

Prager University, often referred to as PragerU, is an influential conservative non-profit organisation that has garnered attention for its unconventional approach to education. While not officially recognized as a university, PragerU’s “edutainment” content has achieved accreditation for use in schools in both Florida and Oklahoma. Their stated mission is to challenge what they perceive as the prevailing left-wing ideology in culture, media, and education.

A huge area of concern surrounding PragerU’s content is its treatment of climate change and the transition to cleaner energy sources. The organisation’s climate-related content has been a source of tension due to its well-documented affiliations with fracking billionaires, the Wilks brothers, and its frequent reliance on misleading or factually incorrect claims regarding climate-related issues.

One remarkable example of PragerU’s stance on climate change is a video that draws an analogy between climate skepticism and resistance against Nazi oppression. Such comparisons are widely criticized for their inappropriateness and for oversimplifying complex issues, ultimately downplaying the severity of the climate crisis.

This edition of Data Monitor delves into some of the climate-related content promoted by PragerU, revealing recurring themes such as:

  • Assertions that fossil fuels enhance our resilience to climate change impacts.
  • Claims that anti-fossil fuel policies have contributed to our current energy challenges.
  • Warnings of dire consequences, suggesting that many may suffer due to what they assert is a non-existent climate crisis.

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