CAAD Data Monitor Vol.2: Wildfire Misinformation

Last Sunday (16 July), scorching temperatures swept across three continents, unveiling the frightening consequences of the ongoing climate crisis. As wildfires blazed and threatened to shatter previous temperature records, Asia, Europe, and the United States found themselves confronting the haunting reality of unprecedented heatwaves. In Greece, the situation took a distressing turn as over a thousand children had to be evacuated from a summer camp in the face of raging wildfires.

Meanwhile, the situation in Italy intensified as the nation braced itself for what could be its highest-ever temperature today (18 July). The European Space Agency forecasted that the islands of Sardinia and Sicily might experience a staggering 48 degrees Celsius, painting a grim picture of the extreme heat gripping the region.

It is against this backdrop of environmental turmoil and escalating wildfires that CAAD publishes its second edition of Data Monitor, a new newsletter that reports on disinformation trends relating to the climate crisis. By delving into the top narratives propagated by opposition actors and studying the evolution of misinformation since the devastating Australian wildfires of 2019, CAAD aims to shed light on the pressing challenges at hand. Moreover, the issue outlines strategies and tactics to combat and address the problem of disinformation surrounding wildfires.