The New Playbook

Ahead of COP28, the CAAD coalition exposes 10 misleading fossil fuel narratives in their briefing, "The New Playbook," which reveals tactics obstructing climate action and undermining the urgent need for climate commitments.

Undermining climate action: 10 emerging fossil narratives that threaten progress ahead of COP28

As we gear up for COP28, it’s crucial to shield vital summit deliberations from the influence of vested interests aiming to maintain a dangerous fossil-fuelled future. The Climate Action Against Disinformation (CAAD) coalition has compiled a briefing note titled “The New Playbook – Undermining Climate Action: 10 Emerging Fossil Narratives that Threaten Progress Ahead of COP28” exposing emerging and misleading narratives that threaten meaningful climate commitments at crucial climate deliberations.

With COP28 on the horizon, the Climate Action Against Disinformation (CAAD) coalition has released a briefing note that pulls back the curtain on deceptive tactics used by vested interests. These tactics aim to distort conversations, mislead the public, and impede critical climate action. The CAAD briefing note reveals ten such misleading claims that directly contradict scientific consensus and the goals set by the Paris Climate Agreement.

Instead of outright denial, we now face subtler tactics of delay that exploit the gap between acknowledging climate change and taking effective action. This information crisis poses a real challenge to achieving meaningful policy changes aligned with the warnings of the IPCC and the Paris Agreement.

One of the false claims addressed in the briefing note is the assertion that “the problem is emissions, not fossil fuels.” The note debunks this claim by underscoring the undeniable fact that fossil fuels, including coal, oil, and gas, are the main contributors to global climate change, as stated unequivocally in the latest IPCC report.

The briefing note also refutes the misleading claim that “the oil and gas industry is used as a scapegoat for wider global inaction.” It highlights the significant role that the industry plays in human-made greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to nearly 15% of global energy-related emissions.

In addition to debunking specific claims, the briefing note addresses misleading narratives about the cost-of-living crisis, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Direct Air Capture (DAC), E-fuels, hydrogen, and more.