Who we are

The climate crisis is an overwhelming, complicated issue. Stopping the spread of climate disinformation doesn’t have to be.

The Climate Action Against Disinformation (CAAD) coalition is a growing and unprecedented effort of over 50 organizations committed to addressing one of the largest barriers to addressing climate change: misleading and false content that perpetuates false narratives on our environment and dilutes productive conversations on the climate. Each group contributes to efforts on the policy, communications, and research fronts to hold Big Tech accountable for their role in allowing climate mis/disinformation to spread on their platforms. Furthermore, CAAD engages decisionmakers at the national and international level to enforce accountability and bring a political awareness to the problem. From reports on platforms’ inability to mitigate false content, to creating COP Intelligence Units to monitor the most dangerous false narratives perpetuated at the year global climate conference, CAAD relentlessly pursues accountability and a good faith dialogue around our environment that leaves to substantive climate solutions.

For insight into our demands, please see our open letter to international decisionmakers and tech platforms.