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The Impacts of Climate Disinformation on Public Perception

Climate Action Against Disinformation and Conscious Advertising Network have commissioned a unique survey, to produce this report, on the origin and impact of climate misinformation on public perception in different regions of the globe. The study was conducted online with respondents recruited through YouGov’s online panel in Australia, Brazil, India, Germany, the UK and the […]

COP27 Survival Kit

ACT Climate Labs, member of the CAAD coalition, has put together a really helpful guide – COP27 Survival Kit – providing advice on how to get ahead of and respond to climate change disinformation during the summit.

The Toxic Ten

Climate misinformation runs rampant on Facebook and comes mostly from a handful of publishers, according to this analysis by CCDH.

Journalist Field Guide: Navigating Climate Misinformation

This guide was created as a resource for journalists and editors covering topics related to climate change to help better understand and respond to misinformation.

Programmatic Digital Advertisements and Climate Disinformation

A new study, Programmatic Digital Advertisements and Climate Disinformation, finds that major advertising and media platforms – particularly Google – are actively funding and profiting from climate disinformation in the United States.

Deny, Deceive, Delay: Documenting and responding to climate disinformation at COP26 and beyond

This report by ISD and CAAD documents the extent and diverse nature of climate disinformation around last year’s international climate conference in Glasgow COP26.

In the Dark: How Social Media Companies’ Climate Disinformation Problem is Hidden from the Public

A scorecard by Friends of the Earth, Avaaz, and Greenpeace USA shows that social media companies are largely leaving the public in the dark about their efforts to combat climate disinformation.

The Climate Divide: How Facebook’s Algorithm Amplifies Climate Disinformation

A report by Global Witness finds that Facebook is failing to live up to its pledges on climate disinformation, and is actually amplifying scepticism rather than driving its users towards reliable content.

Meta-Denial: How Facebook Fails to Keep Up with the Evolving Tactics of Today’s Climate Misinformers

Despite promises made by Facebook, an analysis shows that the company is still allowing top climate disinformers to escape its own policies and spread misleading content to millions of its users.

#InDenial – Facebook’s Growing Friendship With Climate Misinformation

Stop Funding Heat’s finds that climate misinformation is rampant on Facebook and the platform is receiving thousands to place climate misinformation on its advertising platform.

‘Climate Lockdown’ and the Culture Wars

This study details the emergence and mainstreaming of the term ‘climate lockdown’ across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube over a period of eight months in 2020/21.

The Oil & Gas Sector’s Digital Advertising Strategy Aug 2021

Research from InfluenceMap shows the oil and gas industry is using social media as a key avenue for advertising, designed to prolong the use of oil and gas in the energy mix.

On The Back Burner: How Facebook’s Inaction on Misinformation is Fuelling the Climate Crisis

This report summarises all the available literature on climate misinformation on Facebook uncovering serious failings of the big tech platform.

Climate Science Disinformation in Facebook Advertising Oct 2020

InfluenceMap’s report exposes the powerful role Facebook plays in enabling climate disinformation campaigns.