COP27 Survival Kit

ACT Climate Labs, member of the CAAD coalition, has put together a really helpful guide – COP27 Survival Kit – providing advice on how to get ahead of and respond to climate change disinformation during the summit.

Key tips include leveraging pre-bunking campaigns, involving:

  • targeting the right audience
  • breaking out of the echo chamber
  • thinking about framing

Once disinformation breaks out, important tactics involve:

  • don’t amplify disinformation
  • rebut – but only where appropriate.

About ACT Climate Labs
ACT Climate Labs aims to improve the effectiveness of climate communications through audience insights, co-creation of advertising campaigns and by leveraging a vibrant network of climate communicators. We are a group of advertising and climate experts with a track record of creating innovative and impactful creative campaigns around social issues and climate change.

ACT has a number of resources to help brands and NGOs understand the 69% of people in the UK that are on the fence about climate action and how to communicate to them (for example through ad campaigns). All of the work is based on the landmark Britain Talks Climate study by Climate Outreach and supplemented by independent research from the ACT Climate Labs team.

If you are interested in supercharging your climate communications you can join the network by emailing and sign up to ACT misinformation alerts at