Today’s Congressional hearing provides fresh insight into decades of disinformation from Big Oil, aimed at avoiding accountability for the climate crisis. The accompanying report also highlights their efforts to block government scrutiny into such action at the highest levels. While the problem will be well defined at the hearing, the solutions may seem more elusive. To speak to public policy protections, the Climate Action Against Disinformation coalition, multiple members of which are cited in the Congressional report, can provide experts to explain solutions to disinformation.

The following CAAD members are also available for comment:

  • Michael Khoo, Friends of the Earth: “Oil companies like Exxon have lied about climate change for decades. The Federal Trade Commission and other governments must use their existing authority to stop Big Oil’s ongoing greenwashing campaigns, as they do with any other fraud. Companies like Google must stop supporting and profiting from fossil fuel companies’ deceptive advertisements.”
  • Sarah Wiley, Check My Ads: “Professional propagandists use advertising to turn even the smallest drop of Big Oil funding into a gusher of disinformation. Cutting off that feedback loop and revenue source by improving and enforcing advertising policies is a key step in dismantling the disinfo machine.”
  • Jennie King, Institute for Strategic Dialogue: “This report confirms that greenwashing is a form of information warfare, and that regulation must address content designed to mislead. New rules to clean up marketing spin are coming everywhere from the UN to the FTC to advertising watchdogs, while regulation such as the EU’s Digital Services Act will force Big Tech to assess systemic risks like disinformation and offer credible plans for response. Without such transparency, our public discourse will always be stacked in favour of those who profit from disinformation and have the tactical playbook to match.”

Additionally, these CAAD resources may be useful for context:



The Climate Action Against Disinformation (CAAD) coalition is a growing and unprecedented effort of over 50 organizations committed to addressing the spread of climate disinformation through policy advocacy, research, and public pressure campaigns.